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Here is a link to my student aide's blog on daily English classes, including information about HOMEWORK. It can be a very useful resource:


Here's a list of work owed:

Check out the BRILLIANCE this grade eight class produced on their THIRD day with me (way to go students, parents, and past teachers!):

The shade of the helper-tree saves from the heat;
spider web swinging around the branch.

The wing on the plane looked like the pine trees on mountains;
the shadow on the mountain is like the scales on a dragon.

My dog seems hard and mean
kind of like the bottom of the tree,
but if you got to know him
and pet him
he would become more smooth
like the tree.

The dried white paint
coming through the walls like teeth
frozen forever (haiku!)

the tree by the football rack is dying
for winter
so it’s part dead
part not

Ants crawl Together
in the Tunnels of the Tree
working united (haiku!)

forgotten by those
who so enthusiastically
teach the past

the floating half-moon:
my movie is only just beginning

cracks in a tree
like water rippling
in a river (practically a haiku!)

The faintest sparkle on the dull rock
was like raindrops on a crow’s back.
Even without the light,
it shimmers to catch your eyes.

The rust on the football post at the end of the field;
vines creeping up the side of a house.

The juicy doughnut
sprinkled with the rocky road
but it was hidden by the giant green

white ring in the center of the clover
(the letter O):
when you spin it
it makes a perfect circle

The curled
dead leaves
of the broken branch
were similar
to a curly cornchip
bought from the grocery store.

The big tree like a sunset;
the yellow goes to red in the sky.

The higher you went,
the older the tree;
the lower you got,
the younger the tree got.